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Is your company interested in expanding your business to Japan?
As one of the world's most desirable markets, Japan continues to draw foreign investments

  • Franchise industry in the sectors of Service, Retail and Food & Beverage accounts for an aggregate profit of 20 Billion US dollars annually.
  • The third largest Economic Powerhouse in the world as measured by Gross Domestic Product
  • Upcoming Olympic Games in 2020 will stimulate economic growth

At Azayaka Consulting, we want to create a brighter future for your company. More specifically, our objective is to maximize returns on your business or investment in the Japanese market. With many barriers to entry, the Japanese Market is difficult for foreign based companies to penetrate. From both a tactical and professional angle, combined together with our in-depth expertise in Japanese Tax and Business Laws, look to Azayaka as your partner in Japan.
Our team of dedicated bilingual professionals are both US and Japan- Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Tax Accountants, Lawyers, Licensed Real Estate Appraisers, Marketing and Logistic Specialists that can help your company establish a presence in Japan.

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Our comprehensive platform supported by a dedicated team of certified public accountants, licensed tax accountants, real estate appraisers and business development experts will ensure that your business dealings in Japan will be smooth and efficient.


We can help you validate the opportunity of entering or investing in the Japanese market. Whether you decide to acquire a business, perform an initial public offering (IPO) in the Japanese stock market, invest in real estate or incorporate in Japan, we will ensure that the entire process is smooth from an accounting, business practice, contract, due diligence, tax, investor relations and market research perspective.

Market Research

The initial step for most businesses that are interested in entering Japan is research. We can provide all types of research to help you validate market opportunities, understand the competitive landscape or provide an overall synopsis of the Japanese market.

Some of the research that we can provide:

  • Market and consumer research
  • Company/industry research
  • Credit research


Our synergistic approach can also support any M&A deals. From identifying and short-listing potential candidates to targeting a specific entity, Azayaka can perform the appropriate due diligence to meet your objectives. We can evaluate in accordance with J-GAAP, IFRS and US-GAAP. Furthermore, we have a Licensed Forensic Accountant on staff as well as a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser and legal professionals to provide additional support.


Another essential aspect of business is having a succession plan. Our team can perform stock price and asset valuation and provide a clear explanation to help you understand and plan for the future.

  • Our licensed tax accountants can provide tax saving strategies to help with succession planning
  • Licensed real estate broker (Tokyo Metropolis (2) 80305).
  • We can help with relocations making us a “one-stop shop” for your planning needs.


IR activities are a critical component for an effective corporate communications program. At Azayaka, we can provide English releases, IFRS disclosures as well as strategic use of IR to support small to mid size enterprises.

Why is IR Important?

IR is important because it provides vital information such as performance results and corporate activities to investors and stakeholders of the company.

The benefits of having effective IR activities include:

  • Developing a good relationship with existing shareholders
  • Improving the corporate image
  • Attracting new investment opportunities
  • Creating indirect financing opportunities

Furthermore, it is essential to have effective IR activities to attract potential foreign investors. Our experts can provide IPO support in overseas markets as well as perform quick turnaround on IFRS audits and other IR support.

Examples of Reports

  • Annual Reports
  • Shareholder Reports
  • Quarterly Reports, Timely Disclosures
  • CSR Reports
  • Translation of Financial Reports
  • Consulting accompanying the above reports

Features of Azayaka’s IR

  • Convert IFRS to/from J-GAAP and disclose criteria for both reports
  • Disclosures in both English and Japanese
  • Create accurate English accounting reports
  • Provide simple and easy to understand reports based on client’s request

At Azayaka, we are eager to support IR activities for those small to medium sized enterprises that are eager to grow and expand. In the past, IR was considered necessary for only large corporations; however, smaller companies can utilize IR activities to their advantage.

Client Feedback 1

As a private company, we wanted to establish a stronger relationship with our shareholders and create more transparency in our business. Azayaka helped us with our quarterly and annual reports as well as timely disclosures.

Thanks to Azayaka, our shareholders were very happy with our IR activities. Furthermore, we are able to accurately plan release dates on our financial reports with the accounting team. It was reassuring to have professional advice on accounting treatment, budgeting and business results. Going forward, I think more private companies will seek this type of process outsourcing.

Client Feedback 2

Azayaka helped create our annual report, which resulted in us effectively fundraising from indirect sources. Our reports were easy to understand with various indicators and analysis, which improved the effectiveness of our IR activities.


Since 2006, we have been supporting companies with a smooth IFRS implementation. Our team’s practical experience and knowledge of IFRS are second to none.

We have also published a book called “The Complete Implementation Guide to IFRS” which provides a clearer picture of the IFRS implementation process.

IFRS Implementation Phase Overview

1.Comprehensive Review

The first step is to perform an overall review of your current financial reports against IFRS to determine where the gaps are and what the potential impact it could have to your business. During the preparation of the IFRS implementation, we will help you prioritize critical issues and compare Japanese standards versus IFRS. This comprehensive review will reduce unnecessary procedures, ensuring that IFRS implementation is quick and cost effective.

2.Implementation Phase

Once the accounting policies have been determined, we will help your company prepare for the IFRS implementation. Based on the results from the comprehensive review, we will conduct a thorough and detailed investigation on any findings and ensure that the accounting policies comply with IFRS. In determining the accounting policies, some internal controls will also change, which we will manage in parallel.

We will also create an accounting policy manual based on your customized accounting policies that are in accordance with IFRS.

After the implementation phase, your company’s accounting policies will be in compliance with IFRS but completely different from the original Japanese accounting policies. Hence, we will prepare the original accounting policies manual as well.

3.Operational Phase

We will prepare financial statements and reports based on IFRS. Also, within the framework of the modified internal controls and accounting procedures, we will continue to prepare financial reports based on IFRS.